Pictures of various places around Snowflake.
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Main Street Chapel
Three pictures
Updated July 2001
Snowflake High School
Five pictures
Updated May 2001
City Baseball Field
The "S" on the side of the hill
Ed's Supermarket
Three pictures
Updated May 2001
Abitibi Consolidated Paper Mill
Two pictures
Updated July 2001
Rogers Monument
Snowflake Monument
Three pictures
Updated July 2001

Read the monument inscription
on the History of Snowflake page.
Snowflake's new lampposts
July 2000
Snowflake Arizona Temple
Five pictures
Updated July 2001
Public Libary
May 2001 (rainy day)
Soon to be moved to the old Academy building.
See picture under "Snowflake High School"
New Post Office
July 2001
Main Street, Downtown Snowflake
May 2001
Taken from in front of Ed's Market.

To see pictures of more places around Snowflake,
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Updated July 14, 2001